Social Media

I swear. If it isn’t one thing it’s another. Last week this website got banned from Facebook and said it goes against community standards. So looking into that my site is my life story and all that goes with it. Understandable but when you banned it and delete every single […]

My thoughts

Sitting all alone and the worst thing for me to be is in my head today. I’m trying not to be but I automatically go there when things don’t pan out the way we wanted them to be. I freak out, is it me, something I said, something I did […]

I Lost You.

I had someone very near and dear to me and this past week I have lost him due to my fears and stupitity. He was the friend that made my thoughts shine bright and the thought of losing him scared me. Well I was falling in love with him and […]


Why Are You Single ? I have a question for everyone out there, but more geared towards the men. When you ask a woman if she is single and she answers back Yes, why do you ask right after that “Why are you single.”  Do you really think we know […]