My Fur Baby…

  I want to start by saying I miss her and love her so very much. August 10th 2019 I had to make the hardest decision I have ever had to make in my life. It was time to say goodbye to the most amazing animal I have ever had to call my baby, Her name was Sugar Pie. Late May of 2007 I rescued a very small ball of fluff from a man that wanted the pups dead, because he was mad that his registered German Shephard got pregnant by a coyote. This little ball of fluff would not leave my side so I picked her and the rest got adopted out as well. At almost 3 weeks old I was pregnant with my son and bottle feeding this puppy. She in one arm and my son in the other I raised them together. She was the sweetest puppy, never had to potty train her, nor did she ever chew on things. I used to sit and watch the two of them play all the time and would fight over the covers as she would cuddle up in his bed with him. She would never let him out of her sight. When it was time for my son to come home from school she would be waiting there for him to get off the bus. She was so loved and a huge part of our family, and she gave so much love back. My dad named her Stinky because she would always go swim in the lake and she would smell so bad but the funny thing was she hated baths. We would have to drag he in to take one, my son found it easier to get his swim trunks on and take a shower with her so she would feel safe.    When we moved she moved and never complained one bit. The only time she ever gave us a hard time was when we would rescue others and she would look at us like mom really. But by the end of it she would bring them in and she would teach them the ropes. She even raised the kittens that showed up one day. I found them all cuddled up on her it was so cute. Just this past August 10th She had turned 12 years old and I could see it in her eyes that she was asking if it was ok if she could go. It showed she was tired and in pain. That was the last thing I had ever wanted her to feel. I  could feel her pain in the eyes that were so pleading with me. I had been time coming she had already stopped eating and was getting harder for her to move around. That morning I laid with her on the living room floor and told her it was ok she didn’t have to hurt anymore. My son and I talked with her and laid with her for her last hours she understood and was ok. I have never felt so much in my life the love the pain the hurt to have to make this decision. But she deserved the respect and dignity to be laid to rest with her loved ones. I have fostered so many dogs and have lost them to card and snakes or adopting them out but never have I had to make the decision like this. We have her collar and leash hanging on the wall to remember he. She is and always will be missed and loved forever in our hearts . One day Sugar Pie we will see you again I promise you that.                                 

  I love you baby girl, its your momma saying hi.                                     

This is the real me saying goodnight this time                                                                                         

Mariah Long

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