Today is the day I speak up. I get to tell the world my adventures in life. I am very new to this so please be gentile, or not I bite back. It has been a long and emotional journey to get where I am at today. I have made sites failed at them and made more sites but none of them were a Blog site. I never thought I would like it or even understood the reason to do it. As you can see I think I understand it for me. When I write about my story or just my day to day dealings I feel like I may have in a small way helped someone reading it. If it isn’t just a single recipe I shared or if it was me spilling my guts about my past and helped them realize its ok to feel the way we feel. Or just for the satisfaction that you may read my blogs and say this woman is a lunatics’ but you keep coming back for more. Believe me I am right there with you this lady is a lunatic but I deal with her 24/7 I cant seem to lose her. I grew up not being able to read or comprehend very well due to me having Dyslexia and not a lot of people knew what it was. So writing a blog is like mind blowing to me because I actually like it. I must say I need to learn the way of the site layouts better because it is hard to put it together where it looks good. Well at least I think. And I was over here thinking all they do is write on word or doc and post it to somewhere lol. I give props  to all the Bloggers out there that do this. I have wanted to quit many times because I think man they don’t want to hear this crazy lady blab on and on about nothing. But my nothing is something to me and right now its keeping my sanity together. And please tell me your thoughts and feedback I need out side world communication lol. I am a stay at home mom to a 12 year old son so my only true line of adult communication is got to be through here because I live out in the sticks and it takes 45 to a hour just to get to civilization. I say sorry now, I am like oh look Big Shinny Squirrel LOL… I can go from one subject to a whole new subject within seconds and not even bat an eye and I know I have done it many times in just this one rant lol.. Now you know why I said lunatic earlier, but I’m a sweet lunatic I promise unless you read my other blog and then it sounds like I and a raging Irish drunken pirate lunatic and that my friends is where I am going to say I’m done for now…

Always a beautiful day for the beach

Yours truly

BeachBum SoulSurfer.

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