17 to 20 years of age…

Skip down a few months and I was dealing drugs and doing them as well. I met a man and decided I didn’t need anything else. I was so naïve he ran my life for me. Whatever he said I did. Next thing you knew I was a full-blown heroin addict. I followed in his lead and getting into situations that I wish I never wish I would have been in. I saw things that no person should see in their lifetime. I was in a black abius, a downward spiral to hell itself. I went from a full healthy beautiful girl to a withered away bag of a bone heroin addict in a one-year span. I had no remorse for the things I did and the things I said to my family and friends. I was lost, I didn’t even recognize myself. By then I was breaking into houses and robbing people in order to make him happy and keep my addiction going. I do not blame my life on him or his family he was right there with me. His parents introduced heroin to both of us because I had a steady income and they needed drugs. But I alone kept using the drugs had taken over now and I didn’t see any other way to live. I had got pregnant and thought this was the way out I was free from it all, but it wasn’t. My son was born drug-addicted and I was heading down the fast track to death. I had been in and out of jail twice now and the third time the charm. I wasn’t getting out of this one. My boyfriend had turned state evidence over on me so his mom and he wouldn’t go to jail. They were hunting for me and they found me. I spent 2 years in the county going to trial and in the end, I got 13 felony accounts of Aggravated Burglary of Habitation. I was breaking down doors robbing people while asleep or at gunpoint. The judge sentenced me to 8 years for each account but ran then all concurrent. I was facing 75 years agg. and by God’s grace I got 8 years. That is the end of heroin addiction. Stay tuned to the next chapter. It will be soon to come. It is a rocky road and oh so much to remember. So please stick with me on this journey and I promise it comes out in the end. Till next time and as always “I’m destined to be the only woman I’m meant to be.” BeachBum SoulSurfer.

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