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10 to 16 years of Age

It all started it crumble when I was forced to move away from my safe haven, the Corpus Christi Beach. I was 10 years old at the time and my mom and dad just recently divorced so were pretty shaken from that still. My mom got a new job and wanted us, girls, to be closer to our dad. It was hard I was daddy’s little girl but I was losing a part of me leaving my home. The only place to this day felt like home to me. We moved during the summer of 1990 and got settled in just in time to start a new school year at this place I didn’t want to be at. No friends nothing at all familiar. So, I became the quiet kid at school and became a hermit. As time went by, I grew to open up and make friends. Actually, I became somewhat ok with the situation. But still in the back of my mind was me trying to figure out how to get back to the beach. 2 years into living here we moved again just to the other side of town but lost all my friends again and I was miserable once more. Time went by I didn’t really care at that point anymore so I became a follower and just wanted people to like the new kid again. But becoming a teenager with all new surroundings I fell into the wrong crowd. We started smoking weed and smoking cigarettes. Drinking liquor and beer not caring one bit. As time went on, I was kicked out of school for hitting a teacher and breaking her nose because she told me I was worthless and I would never amount to anything in life. I was not worth teaching she said. The reason being I was reading my book upside down and backward because of my Dyslexia and that was the only way I knew how to read. The outcome of all that she got fires and I got kicked out of all Northside ISD. I was out of school for about a year until went back to this other school BSA. Now that place was bad. Smoked weed with teachers and principals and sold dope to the kids. I had given up on trying to learn anything. After the incident at the other school, I let what she said to me go to the heart and let it define who I would become in life. So, I am stopping for now the next chapter coming soon. The 17 to 20 Years of Age next. Thank you all for taking the time and read my life. Be back tomorrow. As I say I’m only destined to be the woman I am meant to be. Till next time. sleep well. BeachBum SoulSurfer

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