Well tonight I finally did it and got some of my shirts and hoodies up on my website. I have so many thoughts and emotions right now because it is finally coming true my own company doing what I love. I owe the majority of it to my best friend my partner in all this and in my life. D thank you for pushing me day after day to make my dreams come true. You mean the world to me and you know just what to say to light that fire under my ass to get me going. This is just the beginning soon there will be more to come it just has taken me a bit to get it all just the way I want it. It finally is and I am so proud of myself and loving my website more and more every day. This is the starting of my company expansion into the clothing world. Thank you all that have followed me and stuck by me when I couldn’t even stick by myself Ya’ll are the motivation I needed. And on that note I say good night and I will be back with more tomorrow. As always I say to all I and destined to be the only woman I am meant to be and that is….


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