I had this vision one day when I lost my job and was in a bad place at the time. I didn’t know what to do. I had to think of something and fast. I needed to be able to take care of my son. So I built this website with no clue what I was doing. Do I know what I’m doing now, hell no but I am learning. I have taught myself all of this. It’s not a easy thing to do. As I’m teaching myself this I am back in school to get my high school diploma that I never got when I was younger and being a learning coach for my son in his schooling at K12. I went from doing nothing during the day to not having enough time in a day for everything I do. I started the website as a affiliate program that went way left field and became my personal blogs about my life story and my struggles in life. Reaching out to anyone and everyone that needed or needs to hear my story because one day it might just help them. So going t5hat way and not doing any affiliate programs I decided that I wanted my name out there and was thinking what best way to do that would put it on a shirt or hoodie. Going that way it took a lot of research and I found this one company that gives you a store front and they do all the work and you get the benefits but It hasn’t got the feel I want and I wanted to be the one doing it that was my dream. Not to have someone do it for me. So it is still up but I am taking my dream and showing it to the world. I have this vision I said, to be able to design my own shirts and sell them myself. Do the foot work. And its not just my vision it is the customers as well. If they have an idea let me run with it and make them a masterpiece. I am still not where I want to be with it all. Tuesday September 22nd I got my order of 50 shirts in and I have been teaching myself the software for the cutter and hot press for the past 3 months and I think I am ready. Tonight and this morning I have been Getting it all set to make my first shirt. I will start putting them here and on my Facebook page as well as Instagram, Twitter, and and advertise on google. Word of mouth and some great friends and one amazing man that has been pushing me towards my dreams. Not much longer and the world will see.

This is my logo and my website. As I always say I am only destined to be the woman I’m meant to be. I made this woman through all my trials and tribulations and she not going anywhere. This is my story I stripped myself of all my skeletons that way my demons can’t control me but I them now. I have lost it all and I may be struggling to get it back but it wont always be this way. I have lost my job so I made one for me. I lost my car in this and that’s ok I didn’t like driving anyways lol. And I’m losing my home but that’s ok because I am not giving up and I have the drive to make it for my son and for myself now. I am most definingly not letting anything get in my way of making it. Now to begin my next chapter in life, so stay tuned there is more to come. Till next time and new shirts. Keep your heads held high and don’t ever give up. I say to all I am only destined to be the woman I’m meant to be. Much love to all that have supported me through the comments and groovy vibes. It has made me not give up.

P.S. my giraffe up top may be an odd feature pic but the moment I saw it I had to. If you don’t know Giraffes are my everything. I wish I could actually have one that’s how much I love them and hell they are visionaries for being able to see further than most do.

Always be me,


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