So it has been a few weeks being on here. I have been super busy and trying to get everything done that I can on the due dates. Starters I have applied for Student Financial Aid. So I am going back to school for IT work. Yay for me. It’s all online so it will be at my leisure. Then I just finished up enrolling my son in the K12 program for next year. And he is so very excited. It has been a couple more days since I started this post so yeah I have been really busy. But a bit more. I have had to step it back a notch with my schooling because finding out I never graduated high school because the school I went to didn’t accredit me some of my courses. So I am enrolled in Penn Foster online high school program so I can get my diploma not my GED. So just a baby step back and it’s a good thing I believe, due to that I will be my sons learning coach next year and its been 25 years or more since I have been to school. LOL so its a refresher for me to help him. Two birds with one stone I say. Other than that it has been pretty normal around here since we never went anywhere in the first place so being stuck in hasn’t changed anything for us. It’s teaching him what it will be like next year for his schooling and get him ready for online courses. The only concern I have had was his outdoor activity and gaining weight from always being home. But I have this great friend of mine that loves the outdoors and will take him biking and hiking whenever she goes and she will come around and we do all kinds of activities together. Then once we get into our routine of both of us in school and my boy back getting out, it will be time to leave this town and start fresh since our school is online we wont have to do anything with that. But as of right now I have to say goodbye and get back to my studies. Till next time and as always I am destined to be the only woman I’m meant to be and that is, BeachBum SoulSurfer till the day my soul surfs off.

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