Well It starts again like every other month. All my bills that I have to pay (mandatory have to) are all due the first week of the month or at lease 9 days later. So from rent, CPS, water, phone, car loan just those turn out to be $2,500.00. It gets to be overwhelming at times especially with no job. Its not that i am not looking but with 13 Felony convicted charges of Aggravated Burglary Of Habitation, the employers tend to look the other way and take down the help wanted sign. That just tells them that i’m angry all the times and I stole from people in their houses. Understandable you judge me by that because i’m asking to work for you and touch your money all day. But truth is that was 21 years ago and i was lead into a drug addiction I didn’t want to give up it took control of me. I am not that person and i’m trying to support my son as best as I can now. But being this down makes me want to rethink the way I am living and go do something i would regret later so i just keep it to myself and don’t do it. So it is already going to be the 4th tomorrow and i haven’t got a single penny to give to anything i owe. But it never fails Some how some way i t all gets paid and i have another month of home for my son. I may be ashamed of asking but my pride wont get in the way of taking care of my son no matter what. Well it is the next day, i passed out in the middle of this last night so here is an update. As i said up top it never fails i got my rent and some of my bills paid today I got just a bit more and i will be good. I am going to sign off for now but never forever. I am destined to be the only woman I am meant to be and that is BeachBum SoulSurfer. Good night to all.

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