Just think about it for a minute, your past when you were a kid. Did you have the time of your life or were you an unhappy kid. When I think back of my childhood I would always say and still will always say it was incredible. We grew up with no money and no internet. my best friends were my sister and my cousin. Growing up in a small town you really dont have a big selection of friends. But we had it all. We had family friends and so much more. Back them you didn’t have to worry about the internet or how much money someone has. We didn’t grow up with a lot and I think a prefer it that way. My dad taught us to appreciate the dollar and work for what we wanted. I grew up going to friends houses or relatives to eat dinner due to the fact we didn’t have much but it was always lets go visit to play we were told. because our parents didn’t want to burden us with the struggles they were having. Our house got burned down when I was 3 years old and I remember it like it was yesterday. My mom was in the kitchen and my dad was getting the grill going to start a BBQ. My sister and I running back and forth outside and inside. My mom came running out calling 911 the house was on fire. She asked our dad if he was burning the house down and we giggled. My dad put me in the garage and said to stay. When the fire truck came they had to use the water in our pool to put it out because the hose wouldn’t reach the house. We laughed for days. moved in over a friends garage in a one bed apartment type house. To us as kids we didn’t know anything other than what our parents let us know so we were in our own little world of bliss. Back then we didn’t depend on money and thing to make us happy we had hand made toys from our dad and we went to the beach just about every day to get our of the 4 walls we lived in. So when I look back on my childhood I smile and say it was the best ever. And tend to wish it was like that again. So enjoy your day, sit back and think of all the good genuine fun you had as a kid. Look back at what your parents sacrificed for you to have what you have today. You may just be surprised in what you remember. It is me signing off I am destined to be the only woman I am meant to be at that is BeachBum SoulSurfer.

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