Well last night was going to be a story about changes but I passed out with my computer in my lap. Well the one most important changes in my life at this moment is I threw my brother out of my house and took back my room. It all started when he brought that girl over and she stole his shit and stole my wallet out of my purse. I had told him from the beginning not to bring hoes and hookers to my house. In his words they are old friends I know who they are. Lying sack of shit, he had only known them for days. That pissed me off. To jeopardize me and my sons lives over getting laid. What a straight asshole. From that point on it just kept going in a downward spiral. He pushed me out of my own room and would lock the door so I couldn’t get in and when I would bang on the door or yell to unlock it he would get pissed and yell at me and curse. He had no respect for me or my son. He stole shit from us and took thigs apart and destroyed them, he destroyed my room, the carpet has burn marks on it and stains. He started taking my car out when I was sleeping and use it all the time when I would say no he would stomp around curse all day load as hell so we all heard. My car was filthy by the time I get my keys back from him because he would hide them. He actually said that this was his room and place because he paid half the rent and bills. No idiot it is my place in my name only, you pay half the rent and the energy bill and that’s it. Its doesn’t matter how I paid my half I still paid it plus all the food, the internet and cable, and water. I cooked , cleaned and did laundry every day, and not once did you lift a finger to help. You in fact would get mad at me when I wouldn’t cook because that meant you had to do something for yourself. And I’m sorry for the ones that truly need the help with the VA and that have PTSD, but my brother hid behind those letters to get what he wanted. He would play the wounded vet. card all the time. He would tell me all the time about what people should do for him because he was a wounded vet. That people owed him everything and anything. He thought he was entitles. Let me tell you something boy, you are not entitles to jack shit. You get off your ass and work for it. You want respect then you need to respect others and not treat them like they are beneath you. Yes you are a retired vet but there are a lot of them and they doing see the world as their candy jar they can stick their hands in any time they want and take what they want. So by the time I finally had enough I couldn’t stop myself and told him he was a piece of shit and to get the fuck out. Do I regret it HELL NO. He disrespected me for the last time and I finally stood up for myself and stood my grounds. People that didn’t know what was going on in the house looked at me like I was the bad guy till they saw it with their own eye and then felt sorry for me. I have been a drug addict, I have lived in filth and I got out of it and have been working hard not to go back, and if I did it would be on my accord not anyone else. I am the only one that had the right to destroy me not him not anyone. I will not go back to that so I had to get him out of this house not for me but for my son. One day I hope he will open his eyes to what he is doing to the people that care about him and quit giving his all the hoes and hookers that just want his money and could care less if he is dead on the side of the road. Well that is about all I want to say about this situation and I am so ready for bed back in my actual bed… Till next time my friends. I am destined to be the only woman I am meant to be. and that is BeachBum SoulSurfer.

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