What you really think of yourself.

You know a long time ago the thoughts of myself saddened me. I wasn’t good enough, I wouldn’t amount to anything, I was ugly on the inside as I was on the out. I was worthless, stupid, unlovable, and so on and so on…… Today I AM GOOD ENOUGH. I am not ugly on the inside nor the outside, I am lovable, not stupid, and I’m worth every breath I take. I am me today. I am not trying to fit in or be liked. I am trying to love me and today I can say I do love me. I may not have all I need but I believe in myself to be able to fight for it and work towards my dreams and goals in life. I had lost my job back in May and still haven’t been able to land another one. So I sat and thought if I can’t get a job I’m going to make myself a job. Two websites and my T-Shirt shop linked to them and I have now two full time jobs. Taking turns writing on each site and maintaining the sites and making sure they are functioning to standards and promoting them on all of social media. From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. So I am a very busy woman at the moment. And trying to make money off them will take time. It has only been 3 months since they have been up and it is going to take time to get it out there to make a profit. So today I am PROUD of myself. Love myself, I am not weak I am strong. I care for the one who care for me and for the ones that want to see me fail. I am a good person. I tell myself these tings daily. Remind myself I don’t need to listen to what others say just listen to what I say. I am my own worst enemy and critic. I punished my self long enough. I want to shine, step out of the shadows and shine bright. To all out there remember this you are beautiful, you are smart. Live for you and love for you. Don’t let others tell you any different. It is time for my late night movie and snack lol…. Till next time. I am destined to be the only woman I am meant to be. BeachBum SoulSurfer.

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