“There is nothing I want momma, I have everything I need.” Those are the hardest words to stomach when it is your 12 year old boy says them to you because he knows we have no money. This Christmas has been a very hard one on us due to me still not having a job and not being able to get him a single thing. He has had to grow up so fast, it was something I was not wanting to happen but being a single mom I had to work when I didn’t want to in order for us to have a home and food. So my son was taught that we don’t ask for what we want but what we need. He is the best. He desirves the world. I can be having a bad day with my back and he will do the laundry and the dishes for me. and he never complains. So back to my other thoughts. Yesterday my old boss Carrie, my good friend still gives me a call to say hey and merry Christmas and asked what we were doing for Christmas. I told her the situation and 4 hours later she shows up at my house with presents in hand, but the most is that they were from me to my son and one from them. She wanted me to be able to give him Christmas. The thought of this woman went out on her lunch break and bought him 5 presents and wrapped them. Came over and said she was bringing the presents over that i hid there so he wouldn’t see them and added one from her family. Such a beautiful soul. She is the best. It is a blessing to have a friend like that. If it wasn’t for her we would have spent Christmas like it was any other day and just been lazy at home. The worst part is that my son would have been ok with that or at least not have shown that he wasn’t because he doesn’t want me to feel bad so he stays stronge and tells me its ok. He is my world, he is the reason i am still living today. I wish i could give him everything his little heart desires and i know what that would be and it just amazes me because its nothing for him but for everyone to be happy and loved because he has a heart of gold. It is the next day Merry Christmas to all. He had the best time with his family and all I am so proud of him, he is the best ever…. It is time for me to go and play the new video game with my son. To all a Merry Christman and hope all had a great day. Till next time as always I am destined to be the only woman I am meant to be.. BeachBum SoulSurfer

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