Really I’m not sure where to start it all. its two stories that merge into one big fuck you. First story my boy and his #1 come over to hang out and he has to go do some runs so she stays here with me. Which is all good she’s cool as hell. We get along. But my boy gets locked up that night. So in me doing time I know how it is to be alone in there with no help so I get started being who I am and tracking all the cases and getting him settled in because he’s not getting out. While I’m doing that his #1 takes off to do her thing. As I was thinking to get things done for him but no she was thinking of herself and getting what she wanted. Well as all this is going on my brother is hooking up with this Rat and they go out this past Saturday and low and behold bring back my boys #1. I stay to myself and she is not being how she was the last time something was up. I was asked to take the rat home and she would that the other one home from there. Well walking back up to my place my phone goes off and my credit card has been used at a Walmart. I go looking in my purse and in the car it’s not where to be found. These 2 cunts stole my wallet out of my purse while I was driving. Waking up my brother and having these two still answering the phones one blames one and the other is doing the same. My brother realizes his phone, tablet and his drones have been stolen out of the room. So not only did they jack me they stole out of my house. They were in there together and the #1 says she didn’t know about any of this. Bullshit you can’t say that you didn’t see her take big boxes and put them in her bag right next to you. Well I spent the day with the officer making a report on the both of them and they will get what they deserve. And then to have my boys #1 still think she is ok with me and tell my boy I’m trying to keep her from him that is a joke. He’s in jail and I can’t tell him what to do. you can write him and go see him any time you want. Yeah I am writing him and going to see him and making sure he is all ok there and get all the info he wants me to do for him. She says I’m obsessed with him and want him for myself. Please if I had wanted him I would have already had him. I am just doing what he had asked you to do and I do it better because I’ve done this many times back in my glory days. To actually think that I am conspiring against her is oh so damn funny. If you were not so stupid as to get involved with that rat which by the way my boy knows all about, you would be here helping me get your boy settled in jail. So on that note. I am going to tell all this house is closed to all people I’m done with stupid. One Shot all I have to say. Now it’s my turn to do the old me. So till next time I am destined to be the only woman I’m meant to be. BeachBum SoulSurfer 

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