Back at the Beach

There is always this memory I have when we lived down at the beach. It is one of my fondest memories. It was when I was about 3 or 4 years of age. I can remember my dad used to take a walk with me every day after work. After dinner was done he would put me on his shoulders and walk down to the gas station to get a candy or an ice cream. Along the way we would stop a few times for me to pick these little flowers I used to love. I’m not to sure now if they were flowers or weeds but they were my favorite. I called them Magic Wands.

gives a visual of what me and my dad called Magic Wands.
Mimosa Pudica AKA Sensitive Plant

There it is the Magic Wand. I would pick them and tell my dad I would turn him into a frog and pop him over the head with it. We would chase one another around the yard and turn anything and everything into frogs and just giggle and giggle. My dad is the best, he always new how to cheer me up when I wasn’t feeling well or just to get a smile on my face. But those were our special walks we took together every day after work and school. That was our time to truly get to know each other not just as dad and daughter but as best friends, fishing buddies. Not to long ago I wasn’t feeling so good and I was at my dads helping him clean up and he knew I was under the weather. He walked in the house calling my name and when I turned around he popped me on the head and said poof your a frog. All I could do was smile with tears down my face. It had been decades since we had picked any and he had a handful of them just for me because he came across them in the field and it brought back the same memories for him as it did for me. Those memories of us at the beach with just a simple life with no worries in the world. Those were the good days. So today is going to be my day to reminisce on my childhood and the fun we had down at the beach. As I say good bye for now but never forever. I am destined t o be the only woman I am meant to be. BeachBum SoulSurfer…

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