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Fur Baby Blues

To My Fur Baby Sugar Pie

So today has been an off day today. I woke this morning looking for my Sugar Pie. I shot up looking around for her because I felt her laying with me. It took me a bit to realize what was going on and just started crying. I miss her so much. But I know she’s watching over us and playing with her brother that she hadn’t seen since they were born. I love you baby girl and I will be there one day. I will one day walk the beach with you again. You will always be remembered. Baby girl i have to tell you something grandma brought a dang Guinea Pie over to cheer Jeramia up since you have been gone. It actually has helped a bit but i can just imagine the look on you face if you were here right now. That look you always got when we brought fosters home. And then you were momma to them all, so i can imagine you up there being momma to all the little lost ones now. I miss you oh so very much. Scott and i were talking about you and your brother and knowing your happy to be with him again. Its that time my love got to start dinner. 

                                               Love and miss your MOMMA  BeachBum SoulSurfer 


Born and raised at the Coast Moved to the big city in my youth. Never feeling like I was home, wanting my quiet beach again. I have a past like many. I have come to share it with all to help the some know they are not the only one and its ok. To also better understand myself and what is in my heart and soul. The paths I need to take to rid me of my anger and sadness.

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