I swear. If it isn’t one thing it’s another. Last week this website got banned from Facebook and said it goes against community standards. So looking into that my site is my life story and all that goes with it. Understandable but when you banned it and delete every single post I mention it in even the boost and ads I have paid for that is taking it a bit to far. Well last night they took down my second site and everything along with it. What I don’t get it that they didn’t banned my T-Shirt Shop but they took it off my business page. What’s wrong with that. I have my DBA and business license for it and both domains are mine. So if it is just because the content in it why banned just my shit and not all these other MF. Like the group I got asked to be on two days after I got banned called prostitutes and porn and yes it was just what the title said it was. And all the others out there that show pictures of a drawer full of guns and Rocks and rocks of meth and pills and weed. I don’t get it. My site is me telling the world my struggles in life and how I overcame them. Having them understand that people with bad backgrounds can change. And to also let the ones out there going through similar struggles your not alone and I am only a comment away to listen. I have been working non-stop for 3 months to get these sites up and running and my T-Shirt Shop to better myself in life and take care of my family. As I watch and see them get bullies on and torn apart by others. I have written them 16 times with not one single answer. I would like for them to give me explanation. and not just me wake up to my websites being Banned. I know it is not the end of them but I was able to advertise and boost for so much littler amount to it being free. Now I have to figure another way in doing it that is free and wont delete or take down my writings. So I am calling Facebook now the number I was given to see what they cad do or what I need to do in order to take care of my family. Till next time I’m signing off. I am destined to be the only woman I am meant to be. BeachBum SoulSurfer.

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