I am glad to say My Adam is not lost. I sent him the link to my writing yesterday and I am so glad that he read it. But what got me is he said there was no reason for me to apologize to him because I did nothing wrong. And then proceeded to apologize to me for wanking out of my life with no explanation. So we talked and I said he was ok no need for him to apologize to me too. We all have thing going on in our lives and things going on in our heads that make us do things at times without thinking. Its human nature. We all do things that we regret at times. He was just man enough to say he made a mistake and I made one too. That’s the learning of others and the emotions that scare the hell out of us at times. But it is all washed away and its right back were we left off. giggling and talking about our days. I really like the conversations we have they tend to open my eyes to some sort of reality that I was blind to. He brings out my BeachBum to the extreme. I open up and let it all sink in and that gives me the want and need to write and share the new found knowledge with you all. But for now it will be ours to keep to us and one day WE will share. So till then I sign out as always I am destined to be the only woman i am meant to be.            The one and only.                           BeachBum SoulSurfer 


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