Ok so can someone help me understand. Why is it that boys because they sure are not men act the way they do online. I have been non-stop working on this site not to mention my first site and my Facebook page for all my traffic. I get message after message after pictures. I have this thing if I am working on my sites and page I am in tunnel vision and don’t want to stop working or I will lose my train of thought. But it doesn’t matter to ya’ll. I get the whole I accept your friend request and I don’t mind hi and thank you but then it doesn’t stop there and next thing you know I have 14 messages from one boy and missed Facebook calls. It’s almost like ya’ll are having conversations by yourself. Or its we chat for a bit and when I don’t message back right away they get very rude and mad and say “well fine your too busy for me or too good for me, I’ll just leave you alone.” And then the final one they ask to be my friend on Facebook and the moment I accept its “Can we Fuck, You have Great Tits, Can you suck me off.” all of that before they say oh yeah my name is so and so what’s your name and your beautiful. My lord have mercy I get some guys that are straight out disrespectful . All I do at that point is block them, or ask do you talk to your momma like that and if not why don’t you go try and see where that gets you. First off I do have a son and my family I take care of first. I do everything a mom should cook and clean and spend my time with my son and well as homework and all that comes with it. Second I have way more respect for myself than to let a boy talk to me like i am trash. It’s like they don’t think I have a job, I may not have a normal one like everyone else but this is what I do and I’m not going to stop working to chat all day. Yeah i can say hi and what not but let me get back to my writing. If I don’t message you back at all its because you want one thing from me and I’m not going to give it to you. You say ” I want to chat and get to know you then third sentence is when can we fuck.” And If I do answer you back because I see you as a friend and have you on my site for business don’t get butthurt when it takes me a while to text you back or may even be a day or so. I get so annoyed of it and I have blocked because of it. I just don’t know why you have no respect for me or even for yourself.  And what is it about the 1 or 2am time to 5am its like no one sleeps at that time. I will wake at times with 30 messages or friend request. Like I said I am here for the ones that NEED to talk I’m here to listen. But I am only human and have priorities and wants myself. I just ask for some respect and If I haven’t written back give me time to. By all means I am not conceded and above another human on this planet. I keep a very simple life now and am very happy where I’m at in it. I just want the respect I deserve just like you would.  I’m sorry that I’m not sorry if this offends some one out there but these are my feelings and not yours to end this rant I say good night to all and sweet dreams to many. I am only destined to be the woman I’m meant to be. BeachBum SoulSurfer

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