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One Question “Why?”

I am answering the long asked questions by my followers, family and friends out there. Why have i decided to share all the bad things that i have done or the suffering I have caused myself so the world to read and judge me? I have been through a lot and if you read any of this you have the run down of my life in fast forward. In further writings i will go deeper into some of the stories and give better understanding of it. I am doing this first and formost so that if someons happends to come across then I want to say to them that they are not alone in this world. Everyone has been through some sort of hurt and sorrow in their life It may not be the same but its there. To tell them tat there is a sanity to all this chaos. I started this other website not to long ago and have found that letting it out for all to read i have felt a burden lifted off of me that I thought would have never gone away. I had finally decided that I wasn’t going to let it rule over me anymore. So if by chance this hits home to you or to someone you know please comment or write back. I know if i would have had this in my past i would have been better off. Someone to talk with or to just listen. Please read and explore my other website and FaceBook page. Ask anything you like I’m here to help it I can. I will say for now goodbye and finisg my life story . Good night and good day to all. BeachBum SoulSurfer

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