I just don’t understand…….

  Ok help me understand, I have been on my site and in the prosses of building a new site as well so I am back and forth on Facebook getting thing done and I have my active status off so I’m not sure how they can tell but it doesn’t matter if I’m on or not. Here is was I don’t get. If you are trying to message me and I don’t answer why do you keep messaging me and even try to Facebook call me. Or the thing is I have chatted with you once or twice because I’m not rude and when I don’t answer you get mean and all ugly about it. I did not make this Facebook for me to date or for me to get treated like shit for one thing and do you think I just have nothing in my life going on that I can sit in front of my laptop and text you all day long. My lord have mercy I get some guys that are straight out disrespectful . The dirty sexual text before they can even ask my name, the text once then twice then its # 10 text and I haven’t even opened I first one, or the we chat for a bit about my site and what I’m all about then I get back doing my blogs or designing my website and my every day routine and they get mad at me for not responding to them for a day or two because I AM BUSY….. First thing I am Talking with someone and when I am talking to a man I have interest in I wont talk with another like that. Yes I can have guy friends but that is not what they want, second I do have a son and my family I take care of first. I do everything a mom should cook and clean and spend my time with my son and well as homework and all that comes with it. I don’t understand that they think I am glued to my laptop. I am on it but I am actually working. Just because I have a different type of job compared to others its still a job and I am full throttle working on two websites of my own. So please, If I don’t message you back at all its because you want one thing am I’m not going to give it to you. And If I do answer you back because I see you as a friend and have you on my site for business don’t get butthurt when it takes me a while to text you back within seconds. I get so annoyed of it and I have blocked because of it. I just don’t know why you have no respect for me or even for yourself.  And what is it about the 1 or 2am time to 5am its like no one sleeps at that time. I will wake at times with 30 messages or friend request. I am going to have to put a time schedule on my stuff and lets see if I can get some peace or if they even see it. Like I said I am here for the ones that NEED to talk I’m here to listen. But I am only human and have priorities and wants myself. I just ask for some respect and If I haven’t written back give me time to. But if you are just trying to chat with me because you want sex, well sorry. You have to be loyal in the talking stage as well as in the rest of the relationship.  And believe it or not its not just men I get it from women as well.  By all means I am not conceded and above another human on this planet. I keep a very simple life now and am very happy where I’m at in it. I just want the respect I deserve just like you would.  I’m sorry that I’m not sorry if this offends some one out there but these are my feelings and not yours. to end this rant I say good night to all and sweet dreams to many. I am only destined to be the woman I’m meant to be  and that shall be BeachBum SoulSurfer


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