I have become fond of late nights and enjoy the solitude It brings. This is the time that it gives me the opportunity to reflect on my day and to write my thoughts our and talk with some of my followers I have accumulated from here. It is nice to have genuine conversations with people that don’t want or expect anything from you. Also already have a glimpse into the who you were and want to know more.  They see my past as a mirror to theirs past and want to know about my experiences and how I dealt with them. I have met now 2 that I can say are becoming friends and that’s cool. And then there are the ones that I trash and block as fast as possible because they are voguer and disrespectful, and today I have the strength to say no way and bye to that crap. I don’t want or need that in my life. I get talked to like I’m in a porn movie. I didn’t make this site for it to become like that. I respect myself more than that and tell them Hell no and block them or don’t even respond and block them and report it. Then I get the girls and guys that are truly authentic to themselves and to others and it becomes an awesome experience. We talk about life experiences, life now how different it is, kids and oh so much more. I have found there are a lot of people that have similar past and it helps for us all to be able to talk about it and not be judged on our past. I say everyone has a past some are just good at hiding it or burying it deep down and forgetting it. I never knew how to bury it a wore it on my sleeve and Never once tried to hide who I was or what I’ve done. Because in the end it all comes out. So if you ever just want to talk and get it off your sleeve get at me here of click my Facebook link and I’m always a click away from a chat. Just remember to be respectful to me and to yourself. Well it is about that time and I need some sleep. So like I always do say good night and sweet dreams to all.

I am Destined to  be the only woman I’m meant to be

BeachBum SoulSurfer

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