What is conversation…..

Conversation The dictionary says it’s a talk between people here ideas, new, stories gossip are told. Discussion or chats. But my favorite one is a HEART-TO-HEART. Well yesterday I had one of the most eye opening HEART-TO-HEART conversations I ever had. To share similar experiences with one another, to understand the pain each have felt and been through is to say the least overpowering in my thoughts. Anticipating each other’s next text minute by minute from morning till well into the night. Eager to ask what the thoughts passing through his head were. Wanting more. Understanding that the universe had aligned just right for two people to cross paths at the exact moment together was not a coincidence. I believe everyone we come across in our live are meant to be there for some reason. It may be good it may be bad. But the bad being a tool to help you grow in order to come to the good in life. A man that has seen the hurt you hurt and felt the pain you have encountered and that is not ashamed of telling you the honest truth about him. Finding out he writes like you write and has a soul that shines so radiant. The world works in mysterious ways to which we are all far from understanding but oh so eager to learn. I sit and look towards the coming of the days to receive communication from him. To say good morning and get out there and conquer your dreams. Gaining a friend from the depths of my writing and giving him the inspiration to peruse what is in his soul. I can’t tell you how rare it is to have two people meet and have a passionate conversation about life, love the good and the bad. Well I say this to all sweet dreams and good to all. I am destined to be the woman I was meant to be. Always and forever BeachBum SoulSurfer.  

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