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                    I wake in the best of myself today. I got a message last night and read it this morning, and had a little chat with this person right now. And the last thing he said to me just made my day. I have my site and this page to reach out and try and light the fire in your soul. To let all know that even though you have had bad times there is good that can come from it. I am a walking billboard for of it. I have beat my demons of the past and face the ones to come with a fight in me that wont go out. I have lost my soul and found it again. I write these things down and share them to you all not for “awww poor her” I write Theses thing to you so I can face my demons and let them go, to let you see it may take a tremendous amount of courage but you can do it. I was scared at the beginning to say what are they going to think and say about me. the looks I would get from the people that knew me. But I cant let that get in in my way Or I will never be able to overcome my worries or struggles. But if all this you read of mine and something inside lights than I’m doing what I was meant to do. I am always open for a chat and if I don’t get back right away I will shortly after. So in all I made a new friend today, and in his kind words he will never know how much it fire that brought to my soul. Until he reads this. I thank you for the encouraging words and the new friendship. Till next time. I will say the crazy person I am because she is kind of cool. lol Destined to be the woman I was meant to be BeachBum SoulSurfer……

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