My Rock, My Role Model…..

October 11th 1946 was the day that my mom was born. The woman that has taught me to be the woman I am today. Now I’m not sure if she would say that she did a good job, because I am more of a Tom Boy that drinks and curses like a pirate. In my eyes I think she did great. She taught me to be me and independent. To not care what others think of me and be proud of who I am. I today am proud of me and am doing the things I love. Never thinking that I would be doing this and actually liking it but it has made since to me from the beginning, and I’m expressing who I am the way she taught me how. We have not always have been ok with one another. I was a very angry and ugly girl growing up. I was mad at the world and taking it out on her. But growing up I see the wrong I did and the hurt I caused. I wish I could have taken it back but I can’t. All I can do is ask for forgiveness and work to making it better. Even though we are ok and she doesn’t bring it up but I need to do it for me as well. She has been an amazing woman to follow and aspire to become like her. She was a single mother raising 2 girls with no help and I may have gone down the wrong path but it was the path I was meant to go down. To be the strong woman I am today to take care of my son. So today I say I love you momma you are and always will be my rock and my role model.. I say goodbye for now and reminisce on the memories of us on the beach. One day momma I will be back where I belong sitting on the beach and you can come visit. I am destined to be the woman I am meant to be Always and forever “BeachBum SoulSurfer

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