It has been a long week of one thing or another. From the headache lasting 5 days and feeling sick to my son not feeling good and getting hurt at school. Yeah that migraine had me in such a bad way I just wanted to crawl into a dark room lay in a ball and cry till I went away but knowing it would just make it worse. It had got so bad that I had lost partial vision. I couldn’t even walk let alone drive anywhere. Then my computer is a big paper weight at the moment. It’s is stuck on the EFI Shell boot page and it’s like all the firmware and OS just been deleted thanks To someone that said they knew what they were doing and really didn’t. So now taking it to a friend that actually knows what he’s doing. To this morning a low tire, no flat but just low, and the car acting like it didn’t want to start this morning and then again a bit ago. I’m hopeing it’s just due to the slight change of weather. I know the tire is but the not wanting to start I hope isn’t anything bad. I cross my fingers next week is better. So yeah you can say my week has been a bit of a crazy week.
         For now though nap time.
                    💖 BeachBum SoulSurfer.

P.S. At least my house is clean and laundry done. Weekend is for us to relax and play.

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