Reflecting on what used to be

Today started out horrible with this dang headache, it still hasn’t gone away, but it is getting better. I’m not here to talk about that though. Today has been a whirl wind of my past in all good since coming back to say hey we missed you.

It began with my mom coming over to visit and brought me a 8th grade picture of one of my best friends. I just started to smile. I showed my mom who she was and how much she has changed. I messaged her on her Facebook because we are still friends and we keep in touch with one another. It has been a few months since we talked last it felt good to catch up with her. Now her little picture is on my fridge.

Then out of the blue I get a message from an old friend from high school so we chatted it up for a bit. It felt good to smile and think man I did have a good past at times. That brought back a lot of memories of back in the day. Some that I had totally forgot about. It was nice to see that he is doing well and not to far from me. Same town but I just live way out in the country and everything is a 40 minute drive.

I know my past wasn’t always what I wanted out of it but I at least got to take some good with me. I cherish every last bit of it as I sit and think about it. Most of it is what got me through the beginning, knowing there is good out there I just had to find it again. So today if you are without thought, think of the friends you went to middle school and high school with and reach out to the ones that have been gone. Say hey how are you, what have you been up to. They may be just living life and shinning bright with a beautiful family and its nice to catch up with. Then there are ones that just my need to hear that old friend for a bit of comfort. It just might spark the light in them that got blown out by life itself.

You never know. But in all its nice to sit back and smile and laugh at some of the things you did as a kid with old friends. Till next time and I will be in my dreams riding life’s waves.

Destined to be the Woman I was meant to be. BeachBum SoulSurfer

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