Today has been one of the bad days for me. I woke with my Migraine headaches. I have just started to recently to get them more and more and they last for days. I have had them since I was a young girl and just over the past 4 years they have gotten to where there are more bad days then good days and that’s not good. I have tried everything to get them to go away but nothing seems to help. Today for about 6 hours I had lost my vision due to them just seeing everything in like blurry colored objects. I got so scared it usually will only be like that for about an hour but today it lasted all day. and nauseous as hell sitting or standing. I have been to the Dr. for it and but they can never find anything that would cause them that bad or to even go partially blind due to them. This one has lasted for the past 3 days and its raging strong so I’m thinking it will last a bit longer. I am going leave you for now and try to get rid of this thing. I am going to my cave of darkness and try to sleep. Always to all good day. BeachBum SoulSurfer

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