What is everyone up to today?

What is everyone up to today? It’s a beautiful day to get out there and go enjoy nature. Live life to the fullest, don’t let anything get in your way of being happy. Today I wake in the best of spirits and want to share the joy out there. I have lived too long asking why me or why not me, well today I say no more wondering why or why not. Standing with my head held high. I am the woman I was meant to be so I can tell my story of the struggles I have overcome and the struggles that I am still going through. Sometimes it helps to hear that your not the only one out there fighting the fight. To know that one day the battle will end because there is a path already laid for them, to see the light at the end of it all. We all have different struggles in life but we all have one desire to rid our lives of that burden it brings. So I leave you with this one of my favorite quotes and it comes from my dad, say it today and you will be surprised “Living Life and Loving Every Minute of it.” Destined to be only who I was Meant to be, BeachBum SoulSurfer

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