Today was one of those days!!!!

Well let me start with this morning. I took my son to school and on the way back I get a call from my dad. It wasn’t a good call. He loves me but man that man can tear me down. So I go a bit further back, three days ago I call one of my moms church ladies that has her own cleaning business seeing if I can get a job with her. Or just here and there to get some money, because remember I have been without one since January and I have been looking. With no success. That aside I give here a call and we spoke for quite a bit, She ended the call with I will have to pray on it because of my past. We hang up and I didn’t hear back from here but my dad calls me bitching me out. He said that lady was not going to hire me because I use too much profanity, and that I didn’t even wasn’t the job. So I sabotaged my interview as he says. But the truth I didn’t curse. Who in their right mind would if trying to get a job. She also Figured that When I told her I had to get my mom to watch my son because she works mainly at night I was making excesses to not want to work. To each their own thoughts but I needed the job so in the end I was mad and sad because of my dad and her and everything about it. After all my anger and me just wanting to give up. Low and behold she calls me asking it I would like to help her last night and I told her yes. Her not knowing what all transpired that morning because of her. I said which I will show here she’s wrong. I met her and the other lady up at the church at midnight last night and asked what she would like me to start on. She showed me around and said it usually takes about 4 hours to clean the place, so we get started. Me finishing my task and asking for more. To her surprise she was in ahhh. With me there She got the church done with in 2 hours. She didn’t know what to think. All she could say was I was a keeper and if I could help Sunday night. My words were yes of course. In the end it’s the thing of her being big in church and all to her a curse work was I speak daily and I get that its just different in the way we see thing. So yeah I will heave to watch my “HELLS and DAMNS as such but she got to see how I work and my willingness to do what it takes to get a job. I am a spiritual person but I haven’t stepped foot in a church since I was 10 and I am going on 40 so yes I have to get the aura down and it my take me a bit but I can do it. I’m not going to change who I am but I can put a filter on while I am working with them. My only hiccup it the push church and God down my throat. I will not go to a church and pretend to be someone I am not and disrespect the people there of myself. I explained to them I am spiritual but I just don’t do people and churches. So I respect them I hope the will respect me and while the whole time of work the try to conform me to be like them. That is just not who I am. I can work and Clean my ass off. Do an awesome job and do what the need me to do for them. But I just can’t be true to who I am. In all I think I Got the Job. LOL So today is my day to relax and welcome our newest member of our family to the house today. My son named her Dory and she is a beautiful long hair Guinea Pig. I will be signing off for now and get my day going with my son. Everyone has a great day and if you can get out to water go surf some waves for me. Always and forever I am who I am BeachBum SoulSurfer ~~

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