Why is it when I saw this I almost spit Pepsi out of nose. I showed my son this and he just shook his head and said yeah mom you probably did do this to me, It was priceless. Me and my son are best of friends but he knows that if he gets in toruble the wrath of Hell apon him so he never tested it. I remember growing up at that age and i was a hellion. Always getting into things i shouldnt be or just not listening to my mom or dad back then lol. Utill this one day, I dont even remember what I did but it had to have been bad. My dad busted my ass so bad I couldn’t sit on anything hard for a week. Yeah after that I learned my lesson some what. All he had to do was call my full name and look at me like he was burning holes through my brain and i would cry. The last time he ever got mad at me like that when I was little he had picked me up to give me a talking to and I got so scared I peed on him. That sure didn’t make anything better. Then I looked up at him and he was laughing at the whole thing. Memories can be good and bad through out your life and its you keep that shapes your life for you. You have to let go of the past, the bad and focus towards the happiness you want in the future. I just wish I would have learned all those years ago.  I would say I am today who I am because of that but I’m not there were so many other equations that helped as well. Today I am free from the past and can openly talk about it with out a single tear. It helps when you have someone you can talk to or find someone that has been through he same. That is why I am still here writing this for all to read. Just maybe I can help, all it you have to do is open the door. I am always here. Today I am 39 years old and my dad is 73 years old and we are to this day just like I am with my son. We call each other names and joke all the time together. He is and always will be my daddy but he is my best friend. And that’s my son’s Paw-Paw for sure. Out of 12 grandkids my son is the only one that sees him or talks to him daily. My son is my dad’s Geronimo since the day he was born. Till next time which may be tonight who knows. BeachBum SoulSurfer.

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