BeachBum SoulSurfer

Custom design apparel

I started this site thinking of a way to occupy my time and sow off my art with my custom design apparel. and it went so much further. I am a recovering addict and my life was not always sunshine and flowers. Believe me I was no angel. One day i just realized It was time and I am now 22 years sober and work my ass off trying to provide for my son. over those 22 years I have fallen and visited hell a couple of time it felt like. So, beginning this I didn’t know how to do so it became my personal diary then i found it my purpose for the site. It was to help you all out there that are struggling through life in any way realize you can get through it. It may feel like you can’t but you can. I will tell you in my writings all of my struggles and my wins. I open my heart and my chaos within to say hey I have been there done that maybe even a couple of time and for you to know there are people out here that don’t even know you but want oyu to succeed in life. So, in that being said grab some munchies, sit back and journey though the chaos i have within my head at all times. and enjoy the cool art work as well as my clothing. It is for sell so feel free to contact me with information on that or to even just say hi….

Fight my inner demons and design clothing

  • Play on the computer daily designing clothes
  • Homeschool my son
  • And finally, just be me and be happy